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    Unconfirmed Google Update on 25 June | Titan SEO Team

    It was an eventful month in the Google SERP world. On the 25th of June, Webmasters and SEO specialists all over the world reported noticeable shifts in website rankings.

    Google has made further updates to some of its other platforms recently, which have a lot of experts speculating that the changes may accompany the changes reflecting in the search results.

    Some of these updates include:

    • New job posting schema
    • Updates to the Privacy Policy and data collecting / sharing with regards to a user’s location
    • A new dashboard in Google Analytics
    • Google Posts in Google My Business

    As for the update on June 25th, Google has not confirmed the update and Webmasters are all reporting different findings. Barry Schwarts, posted on Seroundtable.com that there was no pattern that specifically stood out to indicate what the algorithm update is targeting.

    We agree with his conclusion, “One might say this is just a normal core Google update that tries to surface better quality sites”.

    There are SEO specialists and Webmasters reporting that they are seeing the most shifts for keyword rankings between the 6 and 10th position.

    From our own analysis, we can definitely see movements with regards to shorter, vague terms vs long tail, specific and relevant keywords.

    Websites that provide valuable and useful information, use keywords and content that are relevant to users, all saw a positive change after the update.

    Over the next few days, there may be many internet publications that will attempt to guess or name this update. Unless it comes from the horse’s mouth, please do not believe what you read online unless there is proof that Google has stated it.

    Each of our clients have a dedicated SEO specialist that are keeping a very close eye on this and any other potential updates.

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