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    Titan launches 24-hour Support to service international clients

    The trouble with being a digital agency and servicing clients located on three continents, is that those who aren’t located in your home city will only have a few short hours where our time zones and business hours are synced. Thankfully, no problem is so big that it can’t be solved… and, well, we solved it.

    And we did this without:

    • Outsourcing our phone lines.
    • Halting the earth’s rotation to give us a day of sunlight that lasts half a year.

    With a bit of clever engineering, and the support of our Perth, Sydney & Cape Town offices, we are excited to announce the introduction of extended 24-hour support, Monday to Friday when you call 13 30 40!

    So, whether it’s an urgent content change, bringing your website back up after a natural disaster (Sydney we’re looking at you) or any other issue that can and do pop up, our support team will be available.
    Regardless of where you’re located, any time during the business week you can pick up the phone and speak direct with a member of the Titan support team. No more waiting for office hours, we’re on your time – 24 hours a day, five days a week, Monday to Friday on the one simple phone number:

    13 30 40

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