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    Go Mobile or Go Home: Google's ‘mobile-first’ indexing roll-out plan

    Step up your website game

    What’s the point of playing if your competitors have the advantage?

    Even if you’re not an avid gamer, you know what it takes to be good at it. One of the key factors is your responsiveness – the ability to adapt quickly and proactively. Now, apply this to your business’ website. Each prospective or existing client uses a different device for their website. Is yours able to adapt to each one? You don’t want to lose out on business because your competitor has a responsive website and you don’t, do you?

    1. Google has just started their ‘mobile-first’ indexing roll-out plan. This means that they will use the mobile version of your website first for indexing and ranking as opposed to the desktop version.

      Don’t fall behind the competition because your website isn’t mobile responsive. As your partner in digital, we’re here to give you an edge so you can win the game.

      You may have heard about our Lunch & Learn Seminars before. Now we’re hosting one that is focused on Google’s shift to favor mobile responsive websites!

      Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about why you need to keep up with this change.

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      Date: 20 June 2018

      Address: Titan Digital

    Topics: Insider