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    Do Facebook Likes Matter?

    As the adage goes, “it’s not the size that matters, it's how you use it”. The same can be said in reference to your Facebook business page. When Facebook first launched pages, the goal was to get as many Likes on your page as possible. The reasoning was simple, the more likes your page has, the more people are seeing your posts. This was the easiest way for business owners and marketers to capitalise on the popularity of Facebook and use it as a somewhat free advertising platform.

    Unfortunately, this is no longer the case.

    RIP Organic Reach

    In a massive shift of strategy, Facebook changed their Newsfeed Algorithm in the middle of 2014, which brought bad news to company pages. The change in the way posts are served to users was made due to the massive influx of companies using Facebook and pushing their products to people who liked their page. While there is nothing wrong with promoting your business on Facebook (we strongly encourage it), Facebook noticed that people were seeing more ads then posts from their friends. Annoying right?

    Since this first massive change in the way posts are sent to users, we’ve seen organic reach move from 10% of Page Fans, to 6% of Page Fans, to a staggering 1% - 2% of Page Fans.

    To combat this, Facebook’s algorithm change had one target – overly promotional content that is posted too often. Companies saw their organic reach plummet and we all threw our arms up. Was this the end of Facebook as an effective marketing tool? Well, no.

    Does Size Matter?

    Does the size of a page matter anymore and more importantly, how do you sell your product on Facebook if you can’t reach anyone?

    To the first question, the answer is simple. No. This may come as a shock to many but it's the sad reality. When only 1% of your total page fans are seeing your posts, trying to increase the number of people in that 1% is a tired exercise and quite frankly, a waste of money. We analysed over 20 ad accounts and the cost per page like on these accounts was around $4. Basically, for every $4 you give Facebook, they will give you one new person who probably won’t see your posts anyway.

    So, is all hope lost? Again, no.

    This is a good place to answer the second question – how do I sell my product on Facebook… especially if Page Likes are so expensive? That’s the great thing about Facebook. It is the most cost effective way to send people to your website or sell your product. But how?

    The Kicker

    You can sell your product on Facebook and reach your customers with the wide range of advertising products that are available. You may ask what sorcery this is… Well with Facebook’s Traffic Ads, we are able to send targeted users to client’s websites at a cost of $1.68 per click. Now that is more than half the price of a page like for someone to go to your website and actually express interest in your brand. It's magic.

    What’s more, if you want your page to blow up, boost your posts. Use the same targeting you did for traffic ads and show people who are interested in your brand, your amazing content. The great thing about these types of ads are that while they are cost effective, drive actual sales and boost brand recognition, they drive page likes as well. It's a win-win.

    What Now?

    Now that we know driving Page Likes and using hundreds of dollars on trying to grow a community of people who aren’t guaranteed to see your posts isn’t ideal, what do you do? As we mentioned above, sending traffic to your website and boosting your posts is the way forward. The selling power is back in the hands of the company and whether you have 100 Page Likes or 100 000 Page Likes, you can reach a highly targeted audience and make real sales for your business.

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