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    Do You Even Post?

    The Decline of Google Plus

    When we think of social media networks, it’s not often that Google Plus springs to mind. Take into consideration that Facebook has almost 2 billion global users and Instagram over 700 million, and it’s obvious to see where people are choosing to dedicate most of their time on social media.

    Google themselves somewhat gave up on pitching Google Plus as a social network aimed at competing with the likes of Facebook and Instagram back in 2015, when they became two separate entities: Photos and Streams.

    They are not the world’s most valuable company for nothing, however, and have introduced a new feature of their own to recapture the attention of the online world.

    Google Posts

    Google Posts certainly aren’t a revolutionary concept. Posts of this nature have been going out on social networks for many years, but it’s another astute way for businesses to share relevant, fresh content with people who are searching for them.

    So, how could this benefit YOU?

    These posts are a highly effective way for you to advertise a sale, your latest promotion, or any other of your company’s unique selling propositions. By adding inline links to your posts, you’re also able to drive traffic to the specific page on your website where people can find your advertised content. What’s more, your posts will show up on both Google search and map results, ensuring your message reaches searchers regardless of where on Google they are looking for you.

    You will also receive updates on how many people saw and interacted with your content, allowing you to adjust your strategy for your next post.

    While Google failed to compete with Facebook in many respects through Google Plus, they have taken a leaf out of Mark Zuckerberg’s teams’ book and ensured that images, videos and even animated GIF’s can be scheduled with Google Posts to ensure maximum engagement with searchers.

    In order to keep content as fresh and relevant as possible, a Google post only stays live for up to 7 days, further ensuring that people are only see your company’s very latest updates.

    Get Posting!

    Whether it’s to give your audience a one-click path to make a reservation, sign up for a newsletter or even just buy a product from your website, Google Posts is a quick, easy way to get your message across and give searchers a heads-up about your company’s vital information. Click here to follow the easy steps to make your first Google Post today!

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