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    Australia Day - Will we spend it online?

    If you’re reading this, then chances are you’re basking in the glow of your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Unless someone printed it out and you’re reading it old-school style. #Doubtful.

    Australians, like the rest of the world, are spending more time online and relying more heavily on mobile devices and the internet to manage their lives, both professionally and socially. And, while most companies now use the internet for marketing, many are shooting in the dark without clear direction on how to target and reach the correct audience. A good place to start is knowing your viewers’ online habits. Here is some help.

    What do you need to know?

    1. Australians are the most active Facebook users in the world.
      On average, about 55% of any country’s residents are on Facebook; Australia sits at the top of this digital pile with 75% of the population using Facebook on a regular basis. This amounts to more than 16 million Australians active on social media.
    2. 2/3 of Australian’s check their smartphones first thing in the morning.
      This is probably before they say good morning to their partners or spouses (if applicable), or enjoy their first cup of coffee.
    3. Most Australian internet users have bought something online and one in four make – on average – one online purchase a week. They are also increasingly relying on the internet to source products and services, and online access has made them more price savvy than ever before.
    1. Understanding your customers’ mindset and online habits is half the battle to achieving success.
      It’s no use just having an online marketing plan. If you don’t understand your target market and their online behaviour, then trying to capture their attention is like searching for a digital needle in a haystack. And that is one mighty big haystack.
    2. Australians spend close to 10 ½ hours engaging online every day.
      Australians are traditionally social people who enjoy company, outdoors and socialising with their mates over a beer or three. Last year, the Digital Australia Report from professional services firm Ernst & Young reported that close to 25% of all survey respondents admitted to spending more time on their smartphones than engaging with friends or family.

    As much as we love the digital world we hope you will find some “offline” time this Australia Day.

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