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    Why Sell on Facebook?

    Online shopping has given a new meaning to the word convenience but, it’s safe to say, no one wakes up with their credit card in their hand waiting to spend money on the interwebs. This is especially true when they are catching up on the latest news scrolling through their Facebook and Instagram feeds. So, you may ask, why are 93% of marketers now using Facebook advertising regularly?

    Organic Reach is (Pretty Much) Dead

    Once upon a time, having 30 000 people like your Facebook business page meant a great deal. You would post content on your page, and a large percentage of those users would see your updates. How times have changed! On average, you can now expect 1%-2% of your fans to see your updates. This has resulted in advertising on Facebook becoming an essential tool in ensuring potential customers can discover your business.

    Massive Reach

    In case you haven’t heard, there are now over 2.2 billion monthly active users on Facebook, with 75% of people accessing the platform via a mobile device. Facebook users tend to log into the social network up to eight times per day, giving advertisers multiple opportunities to connect with potential customers.

    Refined Targeting

    Ever clicked through to a website and later noticed some very familiar looking ads popping up in your newsfeed on Facebook? Well, retargeting is just one of the many refined, in-depth targeting options available to marketers. Businesses can target users with ads by location, demographics, age, gender, and just about any other characteristic you can think of. This allows businesses to get in front of very specific, and often motivated, audiences.

    Turn Visitors into Leads and Customers

    Sure, getting increased levels of website traffic is fantastic, but you want more. You want leads that turn into customers, and customers that turn into sales. The first step to achieving this is getting a Facebook pixel installed into the header of your website, a small piece of code that can track website visitors. Once this straightforward process is completed, you're one step closer to building up high-value remarketing audiences, comprised of people who have shown a previous interest in your brand, and who are more likely to convert.

    So, what are you waiting for? Titan’s team of social media advertising specialists are waiting to help you get your next batch of customers, so give us a call!


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